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The above questions are very frequent. There are folks out there who are seeking ways to make money online fast, knowing little about how much work and effort it takes.

A matter of fact, after telling people how much effort and time it takes to earn money online, most will quit on the spot. Some will give it a shot but quit after a couple of months. Here is a simple fact: making money online is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

Why is it so hard? Well, there are multiple reasons, one being that there are lots of people who are working very hard to stay on their feet out there.

So yeah, the internet is a very competitive place. It requires research, time, and extensive dedication to make money online.

If you have read this far and have taken these above facts to heart, then you should read on, because you are quite unusual for a reader.

Most readers usually quit reading after hearing the above facts, maybe because it's a painful thing to swallow. On the other hand, you are bold, and just maybe you can make it here in this arena.

So, like mentioned earlier, making money online is hard. Perhaps even that is an understatement.

Why is making money online hard again? Well, glad you asked. Below are a few reasons why making money is hard.


There are multiple ways to make money

There are countless ways to make money online, some not even thought of yet, perhaps that's one the most enticing things about making money online, and that is that creativity can pay.

You can make money as a blogger. For example, this site is mostly blogging. And as a blogger you need your writing skills. Blogging requires a certain type of writing called creative writing, it is hard to pin down but it goes something like this; Here are a few ways you can earn money online?

Now, that's a question, but you can see how someone can write 1000 words on that one question. A bit of research and creativity and you can come up with something that catches people’s attention.

A summary would be that online money making is a big arena. There are many ways to go on about it.

You Need to Know What You Are Doing After a While

Initially hardly no one knows what they are doing online. For example, this site has seen multiple irritations since 2020.

Now, we do not advise you to stick with an idea when you have not seen any result after a while. If a blog or site idea fails, abandon it completely, just like one of the key ideas in the scientific method, abandon the hypothesis that does not withstand the test.

However, in our case, we think this blog or site can still prevail. Anyways, back to the main topic. Like said earlier, usually no one knows what they are doing online, and it will take a while before they can figure out what they are doing.

Competition is Everywhere

Yep, making money online is very competitive. Literally millions of people are competing for the same thing. So you can see the picture; it will take wit and guts to have a small piece of the big pie.

But the good news is, that's how all things are in life. Competition is everywhere, everyone is competing to get a slice of something and it’s no different online.

Why is that good news? Well, you might not believe it but you are always competing. So, in some sense you are already used to it, just that this time there is some money on the table.

It Takes Time and Effort

Can’t stress this enough, making money online takes time. If you enter this arena hoping to make money in the first month or months, then your expectations are too high, if that is not good for you then perhaps you need to adjust your focus somewhere else. Money takes time, a lot of time.

To get an idea of how long it takes, take this example. Say, you blog about a particular niche, and you post twice every week, say 2000 words per post. If you keep at it for a year, you would be considered lucky if you made even a penny during that first year.

Yeah, that's how much effort and time it takes. However, the internet is a big arena, it has sub-arena, for example blogging is one arena, another would be vlogging on YouTube, another would be being a seller on eBay or Amazon.

Each sub-arena has its own initial time drag, for example, if you are a seller on eBay you can expect to see some result in the first month, given that you do certain things right. Blogging on the other hand, is a pain in the a$$, it just takes that long to see results.

Finally, it’s SEO

What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have a site, then SEO is something that should concern you.

Google uses this process to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. If you have a site, and want to rank higher in the search results, then mastering or at least having rudimentary knowledge about SEO would be of big help to you.

The bad news is that SEO is very tricky, perhaps the word elusive would best describe it. SEO is a big process, and multiple factors are in play.

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes into account how search engines work, computer algorithms that govern the behavior of search engines, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords that are typed into search engines, as well as which search engines are preferred by their target audience.

Legitimate Ways You Can Earn Money Online.

So far, we have talked about why making money online is a hard thing to do. Now, there will be a shift in focus, the rest of the post will cover legitimate ways you can earn money online. Starting with number one 

Become a Blogger

Like mentioned earlier, blogging takes a certain writing skill called “creative writing”. What is creative writing? Well, like the name suggests creative writing is writing creatively, it is similar to free style writing.

In the sense that you the writer is responsible for making the content of your writing engaging and worth attention. Now, that’s easier said than done. 

Creative writing takes tremendous creativity, you need to possess lots of rudimentary knowledge and sometimes you need expert level knowledge. Hope, that's clear. Now, there is not strict rule book for blogging, you can blog about anything.  

So, if you are into blogging, considering reading about a lot of topics, you can use what you have learned to craft something enticing and interesting. 

Become a Seller 

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many others are platforms for sellers. Amazon being of the most competitive platform, given that it is the largest in the market.

eBay, relatively less competitive compared to Amazon, but that is relative. You can expect plenty of competition on eBay as well.  

Etsy, is somewhat strange, in the sense that it is sort of a niche platform, where you can sell handcrafted materials. It is an excellent market if you yourself are a producer.

Become a Writer. 

There are plenty of blogs out there, and most of them are looking for people who can write well. Now, if you are interested in becoming a writer and your  writing skills are lacking, you won't fare well in the writer's market.

But, no one is born a writer, everyone works at it, some work harder than others and they get compensated for it. There are two writers platforms that are worth giving a shot. 

Upwork and Fiverr, these two platforms are a massive writers market, you can expect to find work there soon, say, within a week or so.


Making money online is possible, and although it is quite difficult to do, you can expect revenue given time and continuous effort. Hope this post has helped you. We hope this post has helped you make up your mind. We will keep updating this post now and then. You can book the market if needed.